Prevedi v slovenščino.
We believe in strong leadership fuelled by fresh data and extensive experience.

— Management Board

Primož Pusar

Managing partner

Primož introduced an entrepreneurial, analytics-driven, data-based approach to the Group. He believes acquiring new clients, opening new markets and launching new products are essential for developing new business and has spearheaded the Group‘s drive towards internationalization and growth.

Aleš Razpet


Aleš is one of the leading experts in the fields of change management and crisis communication. He has over twenty years of experience under his belt in consulting leading companies in the fields of telecommunications, media, banking, finance and retail.

Ula Spindler

Partner and Managing director of Marketing Communications and Pristop Entertainment

With over 15 years of experience consulting market leaders in marketing and corporate communications, Ula is a globally-acclaimed and award-winning expert in business communication. She is the Group level Client Service Director. She successfully introduced event management and marketing public relations as new disciplines in the Pristop toolbox. Currently, she manages both of these fields as well as Pristop’s entrance into the B2C market with entertainment.

Sašo Dimitrievski


Sašo was a founder of the digital marketing agency Renderspace (part of Pristop Group) and started the story of digital disruption in the SEE region. He has more than 20 years of consulting experience with a professional focus on Business and Marketing Strategies, Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovations, Cross- Industry and New Revenues, Service and Product Development, Digital marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications.

— Extended Management Board

Špela Kozamernik

Managing director of Renderspace

Špela Kozamernik is a strategic and digital marketing specialist with international experience. As a managing director, she advised and administered integrated projects and multidisciplinary teams. From 2015 to 2019, she worked in Paris, first as an International Business Analyst at Ligatus where she specialised in native advertising and then as Global Group Account Director and Consulting Director of Data Marketing in two of the world's largest advertising networks. All told, she’s accumulated over 15 years of experience in innovation management, brands and products. Alongside an experienced and award-winning team of digital professionals, she now leads the development of digital ecosystems which strive to improve both user experience and communication between organizations and their stakeholders in the digital and omni-channel world.

Lovro Gruden

Managing director of Indigo

Lovro started his professional career as a corporate and financial analyst and advisor in telecom and asset management, prior to A.T. Kearney, a global consulting firm. In 2014, he joined Pristop’s corporate consultancy department where he managed projects ranging from organisation and process optimization, business intelligence, go to market, corporate strategies, loyalty programmes and IT solutions implementation support. In 2017, he took the helm as the company’s managing director.

Matej Klepec

Managing director of D’Agency

Matej Klepec has been active in the fields of marketing and communications strategies for over 15 years. For the last 8 years, he has focused on implementing new solutions in digital marketing. With in-depth knowledge of the global digital world and its principles, he is determined that the goal remains the same despite the evolution of the digital sphere: to take the message to the end target group by using all digital channels.

Valerija Prevolšek

Managing Director of Pristop Media

With over a decade of experience in managing country’s leading media buying and planning companies, Valerija Prevolšek is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of successful cooperations with established Slovenian and International companies. Prior to taking over the management of Pristop Media, she was a Managing director of Media Pool, media buying company with a long-lasting tradition. She is strongly committed to monitoring the effects of advertising at all touchpoints within a customer journey and optimizing media tactics in order to accomplish the best results for the client. Valerija chaired international Media Trends Conference SEMPL for 10 years, additionally she is an experienced manager with an established history of working in advertising and marketing industry.