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Content Marketing

Effective omni-channel storytelling, which delivers content through various brand and user touchpoints, requires a comprehensive strategic approach, rooted in data analysis.

Based on analyses (SEO, behavioral, on-site etc.), we identify the relevant communication channels, content types and influencers, as well as the most appropriate creative concept, content territories, topics and content plan, all carefully adjusted to the point in consumer funnel, to prompt users to discover and interact with the brand.

We conceive and design content by having the consumer funnel at the center of our work: we conceive influencers campaigns, prepare social media plans and social media content, write blog posts, articles and other formats of snackable content, and even prepare copy for search or display ads and newsletters. 

We are carefully monitoring the relevant metrics for every touchpoint, set at the beginning of the omni-channel or content strategy, and optimize content delivery in real-time.

Pristop, Renderspace

  • Content Creation
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  • Publicity & Influencer Campaigns
  • Marketing Public Relations
  • Digital PR
  • Social Media Management
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