Prevedi v slovenščino.
At Pristop, we are more than just co-workers sharing projects, meetings, and daily lunches.

We encourage each other, grow together even after we stop growing physically, and inspire thinking that prioritises knowledge and experience, openness, respect, trust, and a positive worldview.


To change, one must abandon established, well-trodden paths and venture into new and uncharted territories. We encourage such endeavours and facilitate change in a work environment that stimulates curiosity and courage. If this doesn’t sound easy, it’s not meant to.

Words are the beginning, but one must progress towards action. We encourage constructive proactiveness in our employees so they can suggest ideas for positive change within the company, society, and the environment.


As it is in sports, so shall it be at work. The more you train, the more opportunities for success you gain. It’s with this in mind that we have helped develop skills, enrich knowledge and support other brain-building activities right from the start. We consider it a privilege to raise new generations of experts for the oncoming storms, especially those of the brain. We founded the Pristop Academy and School to pass on knowledge from specific fields through real-life work simulations and developed a Mentorship programme focusing on developing future client management and leadership skills.

And since brawn is equally important as brain, we help tone our employees’ muscles with our Fitness programme, which also helps burn calories after so many business lunches.


Responsibility towards the environment, society, and individuals permeates our daily work. Our ideas build a better world, our projects create new jobs, and our mindset improves the environment and builds a better future for generations to come.

We are proud of our voluntary cooperation with many organisations and find joy in spreading positivity. This includes our case studies and helping those in need.


Diversity is our strength, so we foster an environment that seeks the best in every individual and strengthens it. We focus on our collective advantages and exploit our vast array of individual knowledge and personal profiles. We learn from our mistakes and give and receive criticism with gratitude for the opportunity to learn something new. We encourage the development of our employees’ hobbies as well as their ordinary and extraordinary skills, because they enrich us and make us unique. Passion is contagious, and we believe that the happiest individuals are the best co-workers and most innovative creators; passion walks hand in hand with persistence and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Have we mentioned that we don’t believe in “clocking in” or putting any restrictions on lunch time? Well, now we have. And, most importantly, we don’t put any restrictions on dress code. We believe in freedom of expression, as long as it’s legal.


We strengthen our bonds in various ways, at various temperatures and in various weather conditions. Such strengthening includes competitions in our company newsletter Freshteller, picnics, New Year’s parties, and other social events. Our tribe prides itself on working and playing together, and respecting each other’s privacy. Only satisfied employees can drive the group forward.