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Event Organisation and Management

We understand events as an interconnected play of communication tools designed to achieve set goals. Our press events offer a personalised experience for media specialists by presenting a company’s changes, products, or services. We design press releases that entice editorial offices and thus improve the chance of media coverage. 

We see congresses, seminars, business gatherings or other forms of educational events as business processes that help position a company or help launch new products successfully. 

We breathe life into brands through promotional events, sensibly weaving their content features and attributes into the event and using positivity and visitors’ experiences to expand brand positioning, recognition and reputation.

In cooperation with our partners, we pay special attention to the development of t entertainment events in which we design unique and creative conceptual stories for the end market including concerts, clubbing, sport, and theatre events.

Black Pony, Pristop Entertainment

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Corporate and Promotional Events
  • Press Events
  • Entertainment Events
  • Event Management of Trade Shows
  • Exhibition Planning and Design
  • Audio-Visual Production