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Odklikni: click-off & stop cyber violence against women and girls

In Slovenia, 56% of female students in the last triad of primary school and 65% of female students in high schools experienced at least one form of online harassment. With awareness campaign Odklikni we highlighted various aspects of online violence and harassment of women and girls. Among other things, we educated young people about what cyberbullying is and how to protect yourself. We addressed the topic through the screening of movie with a related theme Gaja’s World, with media relations, content on social networks and through a mobile application.

Client Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities


Address young people and the general public in an understandable way on the topic of online violence and harassment of women and girls. The aim of the project was to raise awareness, eliminate stereotypes and change attitude towards cyberbullying. We also wanted to increase the sensitivity and knowledge of youngsters, strengthen the knowledge of experts and exchange good practices.

Odklikni spletno nasilje nad ženskami in dekleti


For the awareness campaign we cooperated with the creators of the movie Gaja's World, which also shows the dangers of online abuse. We addressed young people at the educational events through a friendly medium of movie. The protagonists of the film participated in the TV spot and were, in addition to the experts, ambassadors of the project. The campaign also included website, social media and media relations.

When creating the posters for the Odklikni project, we focused on communicating four forms of online violence and harassment - online stalking, false identities, sexual abuse and online bullying. Unfortunately, there are many other forms.


  • We addressed more than 3,000 children at educational events through the screening of the movie Gaja's World, thus opening the topic of online abuse, and then with the help of various experts on cyberbullying, psychologists, police and others, we explained what cyberbullying is, how to recognize it and protect yourself.
  • We distributed more than 10,000 copies of a brochure that raises awareness of the traps of cyberbullying and online harassment and provides a short guide on how to handle it.
  • We gained 12 project ambassadors, including well-known actors such as Sebastian Cavazza and Ajda Smrekar, and experts in the field of cyberbullying, including Tatjana Bobnar, Gorazd Božič and Anton Toni Kladnik.
  • We recorded 150 media publications about the project in year and a half, through which we raised awareness about cyberbullying and online harassment of women and girls among general public.
With Odklikni project we participated at various events, among them was also the Kurzschluss concert by Amelie Lens, which we used to promote a safe online space for all.


Client: Atlantic Grupa d.d.

Year: 2017