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Communication, worthy of celebration.

We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Celeia Dairy with everybody, who have shaped its way. In order to do that we have designed an interactive platform to celebrate the whole year with ambassadors and customers, tightly connected with the values that embody brand’s identity.

Client Mlekarna Celeia, d.o.o.

The challenge

In 2017, Celeia Dairy celebrated 30 years of the Zelene doline brand under the slogan "Worthy to Celebrate", which was communicated with a year-round interactive platform that highlighted core values such as belonging, heartiness, connectedness, laughter, courage and others.

Komunikacija, vredna pozornosti.

The solution

In the nine months of communication, we, in cooperation with the ambassadors on digital media, surprised the followers and the broader audience with entertaining content on the topic of chosen values. The communication was also backed up by TV and outdoor advertising and radio sponsorship of Breakfast with the Stars on Radio 1, where presenter Boštjan Romih also invited some ambassadors to the studio, and at the same time became a link and leader of all digital communication.

Komunikacija, vredna pozornosti.
Komunikacija, vredna pozornosti.
We celebrated 30 years of the brand with a campaign that reached 70% of all Slovenes every month.
Komunikacija, vredna pozornosti.
Komunikacija, vredna pozornosti.


  • We recorded a total of more than 60,000 reactions on FB and IG, increasing the number of followers by 11%.


Client: Black Pony, Pristop Entertainment / Autocommerce

Year: 2015