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Crew that you don’t want to play with. Unless you do.

We helped Greentube, whose continued business growth increased rapid recruitment, to become most desirable employer in the field.

Client Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH
Kader, s katerim se ni za igrat. Ali pač.
Year 2017
Industry Gaming

The challenge

Greentube, one of leading gaming companies who is a part of the Novomatic Group, due to its continued business growth was rapidly recruiting various profiles at both its headquarters in Vienna and in eleven branches worldwide. To be able to effectively meet the employment needs due to intensive growth, we have helped the company to create and design the image of the most desirable employer in their field. Based on detailed research we created employer branding strategy, set key strategic guidelines, defined the main communication channels, most important methods and processes.

Kader, s katerim se ni za igrat. Ali pač.
The main guideline on the project: the best games are designed by best employees.


We produced a brand book to help steer internal and external communications for the client, along with activation examples to clarify the most frequent scenarios. As part of the project careers website that reflected the values and culture of a company with a great user experience was designed.

Kader, s katerim se ni za igrat. Ali pač.
Kader, s katerim se ni za igrat. Ali pač.


  • The most desirable employer in the field, with unified and comprehensive corporate communications system!
  • A user-friendly and transparent presentation of the company as the desired employer on the website and other channels of communication with a purpose to more effectively recruit new employees.