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Data is the fuel of a complete user experience.

A seamless user experience is more important than ever before. In collaborating with Petrol, the leading energy company in Slovenia and the region, we took care of the development of the digital ecosystem that supports its digital transformation.

Client Petrol d.d.

The challenge

By expanding its portfolio, Petrol evolved into an energy provider of the future in 2016, offering integrated energy and environmental solutions for both households, public and private sectors. Its main objective was to unify the digital presence at key touchpoints and to implement innovative solutions to support the company's sales, marketing and communication activities in the region.

Our wholesome approach has ensured a seamless user experience.
Podatki so gorivo popolne uporabniške izkušnje.


We started the project with simultaneous regulation of both architecture and digital ecosystem user experience, and furthermore with incorporation of mechanisms for user involvement and activation. We designed a unified and updated ecosystem with a contemporary design of all digital touchpoints, combining multiple disparate products or services for an optimal experience on relevant devices and screen sizes. We therefore placed great emphasis on enhancement of “My Petrol” self-care web app, which facilitated the customer support centre and empowered users with a platform for expeditious ordering of energy and other services.

Podatki so gorivo popolne uporabniške izkušnje.
We have developed a digital ecosystem that supports Petrol's strategic vision and digital transformation.


  • We conducted In-Depth Research, that was the foundation for the development of architecture for Petrol's online presence across the region.
  • We designed a digital ecosystem that supports Petrol’s strategic and digital transformation.


Client: Zavarovalnica Triglav

Year: 2015