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How to conquer the Web? Live.

We used the pioneering communication format for the NKBM brand Sveta vladar and streamed the private life of Slovenian rapper Zlatko with the help of Google's smart glasses. An innovative approach has enabled young people to be actively involved in the banking world, which they normally perceive as boring and complex.

Client Nova KBM

The challenge

In order to effectively reach and activate young people who are not interested in banking products, the Nova KBM Sveta vladar brand has once again taken a unique approach. With the help of Google glasses, we live streamed the private live of the most popular Slovenian rapper and ambassador of the brand of the Sveta vladar Zlatan Čordić - Zlatko.

Kako zavladati na spletu? V živo.

During the seven days of live streaming, Zlatko intertwined his life, “Živim lajf” album promotion and usage of banking products for young people. way of approaching young people with banking content. The campaign offered users a whole new interactive experience of augmented reality while also approaching banking content in an non invasive but clear way.

The campaign introduced first live music ads in SE Europe.
Kako zavladati na spletu? V živo.
Kako zavladati na spletu? V živo.
Media appearance exceeded media investment tenfold!
Kako zavladati na spletu? V živo.
Kako zavladati na spletu? V živo.


  • Winning The Digital Communication Awards in the Content Marketing Category, and being short-listed for three additional awards
  • Media appearance exceeded media investment tenfold – all key media reported about the campaign
  • SOF Grand Award in the Digital Advertising Campaigns Group and three Silver Awards in the Media, Digital Campaigns, Comprehensive Advertising Campaigns and Created and Branded Content Groups
  • Grand Sempler Award in the Best Experiential Campaign Category and Golden Sempler Award in the Best Use of the Digital World
  • Gold Quill Award for Communication Excellence in Social Media
  • Shortlisted for the European Excellence Award
  • Bronze Effie Slovenia
  • Ranked among top 25 @ Balcannes


Client: Atlantic Grupa d.d.

Year: 2017