Prevedi v slovenščino.

How to do a picnic that is worth Grill Legends?

The campaign was based on entertaining shows which were firstly played on television and after that on YouTube channel. Through the shows, we have met our grill legends where they have presented a new receipt every episode with the help of Lidl's local, fresh and quality grill products and have learned something new during a conversation with their guest.

Client Lidl Slovenija
Kako do piknika vrednega Žar Legend?
Year 2020
Industry Retail


With the campaign, Lidl Slovenija wanted to strengthen it's position among retailers in the field of freshness and quality. Along with that, they wanted to highlight their homeliness and accessibility.


We decided to do an entertaining show with known Slovenians because we wanted to show a spectrum of possibilities for an unforgettable grill picnic through an innovative format. We addressed the target audience with humour and have made the desired products closer to them. Shows were accompanied by digital activations and play contests. With that, we have managed to reach all materials appropriately. With various (known) guests we have expanded the spectre of characters and emphasized the fact, that Grill Legends shine more when they are in a good company.

Darko and Miha didn't know each other before the campaign but after the first meeting, they have become inseparable. During the shooting, there was a lot of tears. Because of laughter, of course.


  • The campaign's attractiveness* was highly above CEM average. Miha and Darko were named as the most attractive element of TV ads.

*Research was conducted by market research agency Argon.