Prevedi v slovenščino.

How to solve digestion? Brilliantly.

When you combine a conundrum, Donat Mg and digestion you get Slovenia's most awarded campaign of 2019.

Client Atlantic Grupa d.d.
Year 2017
Industry FMCG


Natural mineral water Donat Mg, long known for its beneficial effect on digestion, wanted to reestablish its premium position and present its uniqueness to older users and younger audience.

Kako razvozlati prebavne težave? Briljantno.
Kako razvozlati prebavne težave? Briljantno.


First a conundrum appeared online – a precious brilliant was stolen, which transformed users into detectives. Their investigation started on a special web page that included a 360° video footage just before the heist and numerous info on suspects, which concluded with voting for them. After 14 days of twists and turns on social media, everything got clear with the final TV and web video. It included reveal of the main evidence with Donat Mg solving the mystery, later on shining also on POS.

Our brilliant activation inspired more than 100.000 people, who got engaged into debate about digestion, resulting in 39,538,259 impressions.
Kako razvozlati prebavne težave? Briljantno.
The campaign brought a lot of relief and was according to B-report named Slovenia's most awarded campaign of 2019.


  • Most Rewarded Slovenian Campaign in 2018 @ B-report
  • Silver Award @ Epica
  • Grand Award @ SOF: Digital Communication Campaigns; Branded or Created Content
  • Gold Award @ SOF: Comprehensive Communication Campaigns and Film
  • Silver Award @ SOF: Digital Communication
  • Grand Award @ Diggit: Digital Strategy


Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

Year: 2018