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Through several years of cooperation with this telecommunication company, we have built a multichannel user experience.

Client Telekom Slovenije
Year 2015
Industry Telecommunications

Challenge + Solution

We support the client through establishing a complete online presence with creative digital solutions and a digital first approach. Over the years, we have collaborated on:

Vsak dan bolj povezani.
  • the development of multichannel digital products and services,
  • planning and designing a digital user experience,
  • the development of advanced digital concepts (VR, gamification…),
  • the preparation of performance and branding marketing campaigns,
  • and the creation of branding content and its distribution.
Vsak dan bolj povezani.
400 000 Slovenian users (on average) reached on Facebook on a weekly basis.

Our work process relies on existing costumer data and the knowledge of modern users’ user paths, which we successfully combine with digital trends while always keeping in mind all points of contact with the user. 

Vsak dan bolj povezani.
Vsak dan bolj povezani.
Vsak dan bolj povezani.
Vsak dan bolj povezani.
A multichannel user experience designed for a telecommunication company.


  • Complete graphic and content redesign of the website, alongside with the creation of an online store, seamlessly integrating three back-end systems to improve the end user’s experience with simplified navigation.
  • Grand and Gold prize, DIGGIT 2015, 2017
  • First prize, WEBSI 2015
  • The TViN mobile app ranked highest on Google Play top free apps chart for several months


Client: Telekom Slovenije

Year: 2015