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Riko - corporate video presentation of the company

Riko is an engineering company operating in Slovenia and wider in the region in the field of technological engineering, logistics systems, energetics, environmental protection and construction. In the company's video presentation we also included all their employees.

Client Riko d.o.o.
Year 2020
Branch engineering and construction


How to sum up in a few minutes the long history, tradition, values, mission and references of such a specific brand as Riko while include its employees? A unique and inspiring process of designing the script and realizing it by filming various locations resulted in a superbly produced corporate video presentation with company’s employees, who represent its core and its culture.

Riko - korporativna video predstavitev podjetja


When designing the video, we originated in Riko’s values, traditions and mission, included its employees and co-founder & director, and also incorporated reference objects into the story of the brand.


  • With sensitivity and modern filming and production techniques the creative team managed to conjure, with close cooperation with the client and also the director of the video, emotive tenderness and warmth of team co-creation in otherwise technically cold engineering industry.
Presentation of the values of the brand and their care for sustainable development, while intertwining the roots of tradition with energy and motivation of the company's creative employees and numerous engineering references in just a few minutes.


Client: Zavarovalnica Triglav

Year: 2015