Prevedi v slovenščino.

Unified communication is the strongest link.

We started with an in-depth research, which defined the umbrella creative and communication strategy. Then we began with the long-term building of the employer brand, which addressed the target groups through all phases of decision-making in the employment funnel. We found that many young people are already "equipped" with various competencies, which overlap with the professional profiles of the Slovenian Army, but they may not perceive this as a building block of their professional orientation.

Client Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia
Enotna komunikacija je najmočnejši člen.
Year 2020
Branch Public administration


For the most part, young people do not associate the Slovenian Armed Forces with the possibility of employment that would suit their wishes and ambitions. There is also a stereotypical view of life in the army, which quickly turns out to offer significantly more than it seems.

Enotna komunikacija je najmočnejši člen.
Enotna komunikacija je najmočnejši člen.


The »United« campaign therefore presents the soldier's profession as a personal "level-up", which can only be achieved with the right team. Thus, every candidate in the Slovenian Army can take care of perfecting various goals and prove to himself that he is able to face the most difficult challenges.

The helicopter arrived at the scene of filming to the minute.


In the 6 months of the active campaign we:

  • conducted 5 media campaigns
  • broadcast a total of more than 12 thousand TV commercials
  • displayed more than 38 million online ads
  • received 30% more applications for employment in the Slovenian Armed Forces compared to the whole of 2019


Client: Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH

Year: 2017