Prevedi v slovenščino.

United lion's wings

We were consulting to Generali, one of the leading global insurance providers and the leading insurance in Europe, in implementing it‘s growth strategy via M&A in Slovenia. With strategic consulting we supported the takeover of AS insurance. With the integrated communication we supported steps in the integration of Generali and AS and contributed to establishing one of the leading insurance companies in Slovenia. The entire merger process was supported by research that guided communication efforts and after completing the project showed excellent results. After successful merger Generali insurance has over 660.000 clients with over one million insurance policies.

Client Generali CEE Holding, Generali zavarovalnica
Year 2018-2020
Branch insurance


In takeover stage the client was confronted with the challenges related to consolidation of insurance industry and related to the public sentiment about foreign investors. After successful completion of takeover communication challenges of integration were related to informing and gaining support of employees of both companies and establishing one brand with one market presentation. For preparation of integrated communication strategy we also had to apply global strategy to local market and overcome differences in the perception of clients of both companies.

Združeni pod okriljem leva
Združeni pod okriljem leva


In takeover procedure Pristop provided consulting related to potential targets and acquisition activities as well as image building (Generali as a desired investor on the Slovenian insurance market). In the integration procedure we provided intensive ongoing operative communication support based on an integrated communication strategy, as well as brand strategy and campaign to support integration. We delivered all this in cooperation with the management and professional departments of the client. Throughout the campaign we first strengthened Generali brand, under slogan »Believe in your own path.« and in the second step we presented merger with the promise »Together we are better. For you«.

After merger of AS and Generali the integrated company became one of the leading insurance providers in Slovenia with strong foundations for strengthening it's market position in the future.


  • The takeover stage was successfully implemented with closing and favourable communication footprint.
  • The post-acquisition integration of AS and Generali was successfully completed in October 2020 with favourable communication footprint.
  • Performance of the merger campaign with the simultaneous positive impact at product level were confirmed by research*: 2. place for spontaneous and total recall, improved brand strength at all levels, higher preference in key categories (car, life and health insurance). 
  • With integrated and prudent communication we managed to address restraints of AS clients. Their perception of Generali relative to the general population significantly improved after the merger.*
  • Silver award SOF (2020) in the Film category.

*Source: Aragon - Generali Brand Track April 2020

Project inspired spontaneous activities, eg. a group of »lionheart« employees from both insurance companies who encouraged various connecting initiatives.


Client: Telekom Slovenije

Year: 2018