Prevedi v slovenščino.

When audio gets visual.

We designed visual identity for Branimir Slokar Academy, one of Europe's most prominent institutions that connects art and education, with a little help from technology of sound.

Client BSA
Year 2013
Industry Culture
Ko zvočnost postane vizualna.
Ko zvočnost postane vizualna.

Challenge and solution

The corporate identity of the Branimir Slokar Academy, which takes care for the adequate education of young talents in classical music, comes from the music itself. We transformed the name's initials into three patterns using the audio visualization method and combined them into a logo. After determining the appropriate color code, typography and other graphic notes, we expanded it into all accompanying promotional materials.

Ko zvočnost postane vizualna.
The logo, created using a special method of sound visualization, got the attention of jury at Brumen and the New York Festival.


  • Finalist @ New York Festival
  • Finalist @ Golden Drum
  • Jury mention @ Brumen
  • Silver Award @ SOF