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When customer and buyers go “WOW”

Technology is more than just vacuum cleaners, blenders and phones. These are in fact our extensions. Sometimes they make chores easier, sometimes more interesting, and sometimes they simply leave us in awe. Although there are as many different expressions of enthusiasm as there are people, they all have one thing in common – they are simply “WOW”. This is also the underlying position of Big Bang brand, which demanded the naming of different not yet elaborated responses to technology.

Client Big Bang
Year 2019-ongoing
Branch Retail


In the extremely competitive modern world of technology providers, it is key to understand customers and their habits. How to stand out in the market and create a memorable communication which will speak the language of several target groups and leave them in awe over and over again?

Ko naročnik in kupci rečejo: »Uau.«
Ko naročnik in kupci rečejo: »Uau.«


By adding digital analytics, social media and search query analysis to the already existent quantitative information, as well as with additional qualitative methods, we designed a long-term communication platform, manifested in the introductory TV ad introducing first neologisms; by constantly adding new terms, they have spread across all communication channels.


  • Increased store visits
  • Increased average purchase
  • Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) 2020: 2x Silver Award, 2x Gold Award and the Grand Prize
The photogenic toilet was built in the middle of the studio in order to have enough room for all the cameras. :)