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Women in science - overpowering stereotypes with knowledge

With the L'Oréal-UNESCO Campaign "For Women in Science" at the national level, we are raising awareness of the potential of women in science, breaking stereotypes and motivating young researchers to continue their path in science.

Client L’Oreal Slovenija


L'Oréal – UNESCO project “For Women in Science” was first introduced in Slovenia in the year 2006, with main objective to raise awareness about women in science and encourage young researchers to pursue their career dreams of being a scientist, also through applying for the scholarship “For Women in Science”. The challenges every year are how to present the program in a new light, how to talk about difficult science topics and how to break stereotypes about women in science, while getting new three scholarship holders.

Z znanjem onkraj stereotipov o ženskah v znanosti.


Traditionally the completion of the project is celebrated with festive event where selected researchers are awarded with a scholarship. The event is organized to honour science and all female scientists who, with their excellence, passion and love for science, are changing the world daily. Communication support through public relations activities is an integral and key part of the project, which, in addition to its exceptional media footprint, received the highest professional award in the Slovenia for communication excellence.

Z znanjem onkraj stereotipov o ženskah v znanosti.
The Social Responsibility Program for L'Oréal Slovenia has received the award of the Slovenian Public Relations Society for outstanding communication achievements.


  • By highlighting the topic, we help to raise public awareness of the position of women in science, both within the professional and general public. 
  • An all-Slovenian, excellent and positive media footprint.
  • In 2018 we received Prizma award for excellence in communication in category “programs of social responsibility and non-profit campaigns”, which is given by the Public Relations Society of Slovenia.